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Top five reasons to vaccinate your child

Making informed decisions about vaccinations can help your child – and those around you Becoming a parent brings happiness and excitement, but also periods of doubt and worry. We all want what’s best for our children and to make the […]

Jaundice explained

Commonly seen in newborn babies, jaundice normally goes away on its own Jaundice, technically known as hyperbilirubinemia, is quite commonly seen in newborn babies. It is the yellow colour of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by excess […]

Baby’s immunization records at your fingertips

CANImmunize app helps parents track vaccinations By Michelle Paradis, The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Lab Between feeding, diaper changes, bath and play time, parents are busy with a newborn in the house. Whether you are a first-time parent or adding to […]

Ages & Stages - Kids

Tips for protecting your family from superbugs

Keep illnesses at bay this back to school season News articles and stories have been warning us about superbugs. They may be the boogeyman of healthcare, but they are very real. They develop when bacterial diseases become resistant to the […]

Get active while staying safe this season

Skating safety tips While skating is a great recreational activity for kids, outdoor conditions change quickly and frequently throughout late winter and early spring. During the mild weather that we often experience in February and March, serious cracks begin to […]

Summer safety tips for kids

As we enter the summer season, pediatrician Dr. Paul Roumeliotis put together some facts, tips and advice on various summer health and safety concerns.

Keeping kids safe in (and around) cars

Aside from moving motor vehicle accidents and crashes, cars pose many threats to children. In fact, there are many other ways children can get hurt by automobiles and related products.

Ages & Stages - Prenatal

Coming home

What to expect when bringing baby home Many first-time – and even experienced – parents may admit that they’re unsure about how to properly care for and ensure the health and wellness of their new baby. I firmly believe that […]

Food safety crucial during pregnancy

Keep safe with four simple steps     When you’re pregnant, food safety is more important than ever because you and your unborn baby are at an increased risk of foodborne illness or food poisoning. Your immune system is weakened, […]

Travelling somewhere warm? Don’t bring ZIKA home

Pregnant couples should avoid travel to areas where Zika is present With families across Canada busy planning sunny holiday vacations to beat the winter blues, it’s a good time to take some precautions for safe travels. Wherever you plan to […]

Baby bump basics

From your baby’s position to your belly button, we explain what’s happening to your expanding tummy. Skin Changes in hormone levels during your pregnancy can produce a wide range of skin changes. Never fear — most of these changes disappear […]

Ages & Stages - Toddler

Keeping slime safe

Here are some tips for parents of toddlers to keep slime borax-free If you ask an average three-year-old what makes slime a good slime, you might expect the response to include words like gooey, sticky, slimy and stretchy. Extra points […]

The unlikely culprit in your kitchen

Flour, which can be contaminated with bacteria, should only be consumed once cooked   Baking and arts and crafts are fun activities that the whole family can do together. However, they can involve an ingredient that can be contaminated with […]

Is your child ready for preschool?

Dr. Paul Roumeliotis discusses parents’ roles in school readiness What is school readiness? School readiness, a term used frequently in the preschool and kindergarten setting, means that a child is ready to enter a social and educationally-based environment. In other […]

Guide your kids to brush their teeth independently

Parenting challenges include patience as our children learn to care properly for themselves. There is a significant gap, for example, between kids who would really like to do various tasks independently, and the number of parents willing to let them […]

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Dad's Corner

Meet the master

A meeting with his son’s teacher showed our columnist who was (really) the boss   Over the past six years, my son Riley has evolved into a master manipulator. An expert at getting what he wants, he shrewdly employs pleas, […]

Secondary drowning: a crucial water safety issue

Summer means more time around water, so be aware of these life-threatening signs and symptoms My favourite thing to do with my sons when the weather starts to heat up is to take them swimming. It’s not even close. Parks […]

Colourful language

One word uttered in secret and writer Chris Hunt knew he’d become a bad parent There are moments in every parent’s life they will never forget. The moment their child is born. Their kids’ first steps. Their first words. Their […]

Kids act as a time machine for this Ottawa dad

I’ve spent a lot of time in hockey rinks over the past 10 years or so. As a hockey writer and sports editor at the Ottawa Citizen for the better part of a decade, I was at arenas almost every […]