10 things you must do before giving birth

Good looking pregnant woman reading a book while lying on a bedYour last trimester is a very exciting time (spoken like a woman who has already had a baby). Truth be told, if you’re pregnant and in your last trimester, the last thing you are is bursting with energy. You probably feel more like, oh I don’t know, a house?

You’re tired, you feel heavy, you could probably use a catheter, considering you had to stop to use a toilet three times on a 30-minute walk. What you really need is some pampering for the big event.

Some people may tell you not to worry about primping yourself during your pregnancy. They may ask why you care if your bikini line is waxed or your nails are done when you will be experiencing the most pain in your life?

You, of course, have a natural glow about you, your nails are the strongest they’ve ever been and your hair is fabulous!

But pampering yourself makes you feel good. Your body is doing its most important work ever, and you should nurture your spirit by taking time out to feel good and look great! These little things will simply make you feel better.

I should also mention that the last thing you need is to be in labour with everyone in the hospital staring between your legs and wondering when you last shaved them!

10 things to do before you go into labour

Here are some ideas that may get you feeling sexy, beautiful and ready to take on an eight-pound hungry boob gobbler:

•Make an appointment at your hair salon for a nice wash and blow dry. Make sure to request a scalp massage and sip on a decaf full fat latte while you get primped.

•Ask your husband to shave your legs for you. You never know, it might lead to some labour-inducing spontaneous sex! If you don’t trust him with a razor, try a depilatory cream that comes with a razor-like instrument so he can go through the motions, with no danger of nicks and cuts.

•Get a pregnancy-friendly massage. Your body is tired and needs a good rub down. Call your favourite spa and ask if they can accommodate you with pillows or a special pregnancy pillow where you can actually lie face down…WOW, when was the last time you did that?

•Book a manicure and pedicure. You probably won’t have time in the next year to have another one, and chances are you’re too big to do the dishes, so it will last. There’s nothing like nice hands for all of those pictures that will be taken of you in the delivery room.

•Waxing/cleaning up your bikini area is a good one. After all, you’ll have an audience! Just be careful when waxing; when you’re pregnant, your skin can be more sensitive. If you haven’t done it before, don’t try it for the first time in your last trimester.

•Hire a cleaner to give your home a thorough clean before baby arrives and takes up all of your time.

•Read a book from start to finish – in bed. Trust me this won’t happen again for a very, very long time.

•Plan a Saturday afternoon with your girlfriends. Go for afternoon tea, brunch, or just out for a refreshing drink. Relax and enjoy your friendships, they may change after baby arrives.

•Go out for a nice dinner with your partner. Enjoy the quiet time together. Having a baby together will strengthen your bond, but only if you work at it and trust and help each other.

•Do your Kegel exercises. This will strengthen your pelvic floor and help you during labour and recovery. Most of all: remember to have fun, relax, and get lots of sleep before the baby comes.

Sandy Pedrogao is the editor and co-founder of Oh Baby! Magazine and www.ohbabymagazine.com. She is also the co-producer of The Baby Show, Ottawa’s largest early parenting show. When she’s not running her business and parenting her two children as best she can, she can usually be found enjoying real life or online conversation. 

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