Listen to yourself

In these unprecedented times, look to your heart for the answers, Kita Szpak writes

These are extraordinary times.  Never before have all of us been affected by a singular event such as this in our generation. This is a once-in-a-lifetime happening that has been unfolding for months. Given its uniqueness, you might say that extraordinary actions are required to respond to this challenge.  The government, health authorities and educators have brought in such measures – not always favoured, but followed by most of us.  So where does this situation leave you, the parents and your kids?  Do you need to resort to extraordinary measures, too, to ensure you and your family stay safe and well?

If ever there was a time when parental instinct, mother’s intuition or the feeling in your gut was listened to, it is now.  You, because you are a parent and caregiver to kids whom you love, have an innate sense of what they need.  No one else does – no doctor, teacher, minister, blog post has this amazing communications tool but you. 

I’m sure speaking about having a “feeling about something” is not new to you, but what may be new is using this underutilized capacity to respond to uncertainties that are surrounding you today. Let’s look at a case in point.

Your neighbour has voiced her opinion loud and clear: it’s too dangerous to go to school, and she’s keeping her kids home – masks or no masks. There’s no question this is an emotional issue where the facts can go one way or the other depending on the latest announcement made.  One day you’re siding with her.  There’s just too much uncertainty. A day later, you want your children at school. After all, isn’t normalcy good for them?  Good for you, too?

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Ask yourself, “How do you feel about sending your kids to school?”  Forget the facts – leave your mind out of it and retreat to your heart. At the risk of sounding dramatic, there will be an answer for you.  It’s a question of whether you can hear the response.  Like a muscle, if this intuitive essence has not been used, it may be difficult to tune into. A charged issue like this will likely elicit an answer. 

Once you know what you truly feel, follow through.  Even though others may disagree – and there will always be those who do not agree with you – such is life. What is important is to listen to yourself first and foremost. Hopefully, the newness – yet value – of this experience will have you listening to “the still, small voice” as life circumstances arise that need this inner guidance. 

Such an ordinary, simple action to such an extraordinary time, isn’t it? Yet so profound. Remember, your heart knows best.