3 ways to advance your child’s reading skills

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The love of reading begins at a young age, as infants are often read to by their parents. Reading for enjoyment is important, but it is also a fundamental skill. A good foundation can lead to advanced understanding of subject matter and critical thinking skills needed to solve complex problems.

To help your child build and improve their reading skills, try these simple tips:

  1. Encourage independence –At story time, once your child can sound-out letter combinations and words, encourage them to read to you. Let them give each word a try before jumping in, and helping them with the specific sound they are struggling with, rather than the complete word will help foster a more independent reader. You can also ask them to explain what happened after reading a sentence or chapter to ensure they understand the content.
  2. Let them pick –It’s important to engage your child in the learning process by giving them a say. Goodnight Moon might be your favourite classic, but if your child prefers something different, encourage them to select their own books that cater to their interests. This will help with engagement and enjoyment of the reading experience.
  3. Begin early –Studies have shown that early learning is important. Programs like Kumon help students as young as 3 years old proactively develop foundational abilities in reading. Consider enrolling your preschooler in a program that fosters independence and confidence through repetition and routine. This will ensure they enter school with a strong foundation.

To get started and inspired, take a look at the Kumon Recommended Reading List, which contains a number of award-winning books that cover a range of topics, aiming to expose your child to history, the arts, science and culture. You can find the Kumon Recommended Reading List on the website at www.kumon.com. Happy reading!