3 ways to find the perfect jeans

Young Woman In Leather Jacket Resting On Stairs

You can easily walk into a store and find jeans that look great on the shelf, but when you take them into the change room, it can be a different story.

To find the perfect fit, pay attention to the wash of the jean, the positioning of the back pockets, and the leg silhouette.

Once you’ve found one that compliments your shape, you’re on the right track to finding the right jean, every time, in less time.

Here are some tips to help you through the process:

Understanding the wash and the placement of sanding
(the lighter parts of the jean)

• Lighter jeans, with more intense sanding, are classified as casual and are often the hardest to wear.

• Medium wash jeans are the most common for everyday wear. They can easily transition from casual to dressy, depending on detailing.

• Dark wash jeans with little to no sanding, are every woman’s best friend, as they’re the most flattering on all body types. Darker-wash jeans are great for work, date nights and for women who are self-conscious of their thighs or back sides.

The positioning of the back pockets

This detail can make or break a jean. If the pockets aren’t complimentary to your body shape, your back side can appear too small, too big or too flat. Brands often use similar pocket placements in jean fits, so sometimes it can take some “trying on” to find the right one.

Leg silhouette

Once you have your fit down, your desired wash and the “right” pocket placement, the leg silhouettes are easy. All leg silhouettes work well with multiple body types. They provide options that you can switch up as you wish.

Now that you know what to look for in your jeans, you’re well-equipped to find your best fit.

– www.newscanada.com