5 fun activities to do with your kids

just-for-kidsParents know spending quality time with the kids is the best part of the day. And organizing a family activity doesn’t have to cost much.

Instead of signing up for pricey arts-and-crafts classes, you can get creative at home with your printer and create printable crafts the whole family can enjoy.

Many printers feature built-in printing apps that provide tactile fun for kids.

Here are some great projects to try:

1. Colouring book pages: There are hundreds of free printable templates that will keep your kids occupied for hours on end. From Olaf to Mickey Mouse, your kids can select their favourite characters to create their own personal
colouring book.

2. Puzzles: Keep young minds active with the world’s most popular crossword puzzles for every day of the week. There are also plenty of activity sheets to fill cold spring days.

3. Menu planner: Get your children involved with meal planning to help them feel comfortable in the kitchen and let them grow accustomed to making healthy choices. Find a week’s worth of nutritious and delicious meal ideas that you can make with your kids.

4. Personalized invitations: Having a birthday party for your child and all their friends? Make invitations with custom templates, graphics, fonts and borders that fit the theme for the party.

5. Family photos: Showcase your latest family photo by adding original word art, drawings and borders and print with professional-quality photo paper to hang around your home.

– www.newscanada.com