Age-appropriate tasks to get your kids cooking

Whatever their age, there’s a job for every child

One of the best ways to ensure kids eat a nutritious meal is to get them in the kitchen. But assigning age-appropriate tasks may be a challenge for parents.

Emilia Heiman, a registered dietitian with Loblaws, shares some age-appropriate tasks so kids can try to learn about healthy eating. In no time, your little sous chef will asking to make dinner themselves.

Two to three

They may be little, but at just two to three years old, there are plenty of things little ones can start doing to interact with food. Washing fruit and veggies is the perfect introductory task. Small children also benefit greatly from smelling and touching different foods like herbs to build familiarity and develop their palate in a risk-free way.

Three to four

Once children reach the age of about three, they’re ready to help you add pre-measured ingredients to assemble recipes. They’ll love feeling like grown-ups as they top DIY pizzas to their liking with things like chopped peppers, pepperoni or cheese.

Four to six

This is a great age to introduce tasks that require improved motor skills and a bit more dexterity. Between four and six, kids may be ready to cut ingredients with a serrated plastic knife. Start off with foods that are easy to work with like pitted avocado, cooked chicken breasts or soft fruit.

Six plus. At six, children have the motor skills to help you measure ingredients and form foods. Get them involved using a measuring cup, putting cookie dough on a pan, filling muffin cups, or grating cheese with a little supervision.

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