Beauty, artistry and fun with ‘Les bâtons’

Shenkman Arts Centre.

Get ready for a mesmerizing performance that combines the grace and beauty of dance with an irresistible beat as the Shenkman Arts Centre presents ‘Les bâtons’ by Tara Luz Danse on October 13 in the Richcraft Theatre.

When choreographer Anik Bouvrette discovered ‘Boomwhackers,’ she knew she had to create a piece for them. “I realized that these colourful, hollow plastic tubes could be used not just visually but in movement and musically,” says Bouvrette. “Because they are so accessible, they really create a bridge with the audience – you can see that immediate connection and how they are suddenly viewed quite differently. I love the connection it makes.”  

Bouvrette is also the artistic director and general manager of Tara Luz Danse. This francophone contemporary dance company is in residence at the Shenkman Arts Centre and operates in both official languages. The choreography reflects not only Bouvrette’s intuitive and fluid style, but women’s experiences, sensibilities and energy. “The name ‘Tara Luz’ roughly translates to ‘the light of women,’” explains Bouvrette, “and our dancing and movement reflect those deep emotions.”

The company also reaches out to the community and schools. “I believe it’s important for adults, children, anyone to discover contemporary dance,” says Bouvrette. “It’s an embracing way to provide cultural development.” Bouvrette is well-known for her work with children and youth and has created works specifically for younger audiences. Her works have been performed in Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax and internationally in Portugal and Spain.

‘Les bâtons’ will keep audience members of all ages enchanted. The three dancers use the colourful batons to follow music created specifically for this show. The dancers will transport you to another world using their body movements and ingenuity. As choreographed by Bouvrette, the dancers really get a chance to explore and use their imagination with the batons. “The Boomwhackers are essentially musical instruments,” says Bouvrette, “but during the performance you’ll see how the dancers creatively transform them and help the audience use their imagination as well.” 

Following a sold-out run in 2016, ‘Les bâtons’ returns to Shenkman Arts Centre on Saturday, October 13 at 7 p.m. – one show only. For tickets, more information or to sign up for newsletters, visit Watch a video of ‘Les bâtons’ at