Breakthrough hydrating ingredient fights fatigued-looking skin

Simple everyday stress can rob the skin of essential nourishment and hydration. Poor diet, sun exposure, a hectic lifestyle and lack of sleep, often result in noticeably tired skin that looks dehydrated and dull.

Toronto-based dermatologist, Dr. Paul Cohen says: “Often, people don’t realize that the skin can in fact look ‘stressed’ or ‘fatigued’ due to simple environmental factors like pollution and inadequate nutrition or sleep.”

The signs of fatigued skin can be daunting, but the experts agree that hydration is key in restoring skin to its natural beauty.

“Hydration can help to fight tired-looking skin, including dehydration, dullness, dry spots or patchiness, under-eye circles and even the occasional pimple,” Dr. Cohen explains.

While there are many moisturizing products on the market meant to hydrate the skin, few contain clinically-proven ingredients that have been shown to actually replenish and retain moisture on a cellular level.

Aveeno, a brand known for its innovative active naturals technologies that combine nature with science, has harnessed the powers of “southernwood,” an up-and-coming ingredient, to help combat dry, stressed skin caused by environmental factors. This ingredient is contained in the new Aveeno Fresh Essentials line of facial care products, formulated to battle the visible signs of stressed skin.

The southernwood extract is found in the gardens and foothills of Europe and has traditionally been used for its digestive benefits.

Now, however, Aveeno scientists are utilizing its natural combination of sugars and polyphenols that attract and help to bind water to skin to help nourish and hydrate. It claims to protect against the dehydrating effects of environmental stress, as the formulas help replenish and retain moisture in tired skin to leave skin looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.