Clean without compromise


These days, consumers from all walks of life are concerned with what goes into their water. People are doing their research, and every little bit makes a difference.


But what good are ‘clean’ formulas if your clothes and dishes are not? Earth-friendly products that actually work are a great way to incorporate helping the planet into your daily routines.


Excelsior HE Laundry Detergent


A revolutionary product designed for use in high-efficiency washers, Excelsior HE Laundry Detergent is also safe to use in older, traditional washers as well. Only 15 ml of detergent — less than the amount you’d use with other brands — is needed per HE load. If using in a traditional washer, just double the amount of detergent. It is phosphate-free, solvent-free, biodegradable and (arguably) most importantly, removes difficult stains and grease from clothes. Works great on diapers, too (the fragrance-free version is recommended for baby items).


Excelsior HE Complete Dishwasher Solution


Providing an extraordinary cleaning performance for your dishes, this product was made especially for HE washers and provides great performance in all water types by getting rid of tough food stains while leaving behind a gentle citrus scent. Phosphate-free and safe on septic systems, it includes a built-in rinse aid for a streak- and spot-free finish.


Excelsior HE Rinse Aid


Excelsior HE Rinse Aid helps prevent food residues, chemicals, detergents, and hard water from attaching to dishes and glassware. It features an environmentally friendly formula that is phosphate, and solvent-free, biodegradable and is safe to use in all dishwashers. Use this product in conjunction with Excelsior HE Dishwasher Detergent to get the best cleaning results from your dishwasher.



Excelsior HE Stain Remover


The Excelsior HE Stain Remover cleans and brightens clothes using the power of two enzymes. It can remove such stains as spaghetti and tomato sauce, gravy, chocolate, grass, ketchup, mustard, starch stains, blood, grease, grime, oil, makeup, inks and more. The high-efficiency formula allows up to 625 stain removals per bottle. 


Excelsior HE Washing Machine Cleaner & Deodorizer


The Excelsior HE Washing Machine Cleaner & Deodorizer quickly and safely removes odours and soap residue build-up from HE washing machines. It’s powered by natural, environmentally friendly enzymes, that actively work to free up these odour causing residues and films inside the HE washing machine, and once released, are then rinsed down the drain. It’s a phosphate-free, solvent-free, and biodegradable formula that’s safe on septic tanks.


Each one-litre bottle provides over 20 cleaning and deodorizing washes and comes complete with its own measuring cap for quick and easy dispensing of the product. This unique formula provides a lemon scent, leaving not only your HE Washing machine, but the entire laundry room, smelling clean. Only 50ml of product is required to do the job, working out to $1.50 per cleaning compared to $3 of a competing product.


Available at, the complete line of Excelsior HE products come with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee.


8 planet-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day (April 22)

  • get yourself a re-usable water bottle, and use it
  • start composting
  • plant a garden
  • build a birdhouse
  • improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • become a better grocery shopper
  • enjoy nature
  • reduce your consumption, reuse and repurpose items and recycle if possible