Encourage your child’s inner Hemingway

Little girl writing her diaryThere’s more to just learning the ABCs in school. Children also have to be taught how to put letters together to form words and sentences that make sense and help communicate thoughts and ideas.

Learning to write is an important skill to master and one that can be developed in children at an early age. Communication is important to our society and getting children used to writing will help them communicate well as they grow.

But why is writing so important? It’s a skill required for both work and our personal life. From writing reports to penning a thoughtful letter, some form of writing is required almost every day. Writing helps people to express themselves and makes their thinking visible. For children it’s a good way to teach grammar, spelling and formation of logical thought. It helps with reading development as well. 

Writing can also solidify ideas and thoughts and help people to reflect on them once they see words on paper. Writing is also a good outlet for imagination, and children often have an abundance of that. To help develop your child’s writing skills, encourage them to write and make it rewarding. For example, you can post their work on a family website, or on the fridge, or include their essay in a family holiday communication.

Also, to encourage writing, be sure to include regular visits to the library — good writers are usually avid readers.


Source: www.newscanada.com
Photo: DepositPhotos.com © Rudyanto Wijaya