Family entertainment comes to Centrepointe Theatre

Famed Canadian author Robert Munsch’s ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ is a perennial favourite with children and parents. This fall, the To Be Determined Theatre Company brings a lively and energetic musical adaptation by Joe Slabe to Centrepointe Theatre. To run on Saturday, October 27 at 2 p.m., the show’s stars, Elizabeth, Ronald and of course, the dragon, will have the audience tapping their feet along with the live music and tap dancing.

“Kids love the music,” says Alexandra Lent, artistic director and director of the production. “As soon as it starts, they start bopping along. And each character gets their own musical moment that brings them to life for the audience.” Lent says it’s hard to believe that the original story was published 38 years ago. “That means that many parents who grew up with the story are coming with their own kids,” she says. “It’s no wonder it’s so appealing across generations.” This is the first time ‘The Paper Bag Princess: A Musical’ will be performed in Ontario. Lent suggests getting tickets in advance as it’s likely to sell out.


It might be the Saturday after Halloween, but well-known local children’s entertainer, Yaki, knows how much children enjoy his Halloween songs, so he’ll be including many fan favourites in his Rockin’ & Hoppin’ Sing-along at Centrepointe Theatre at 1 p.m. on Saturday, November 3. “I like including tunes like ‘Beware of the Halloween Ghost,’” says Yaki, “because many children are familiar with it from my school appearances and they like to sing along.” Also included in his repertoire for the afternoon will be other favourites like ‘Big Banana Feet,’ ‘Dinosaur Song’ and the much loved ‘Ketchup Song.’ Yaki’s performances always gets kids up dancing and singing and he makes his shows very interactive. “I really enjoy bringing the kids up on stage to play with some of the instruments,” he says. “And I know, because parents have told me so, that their children often go on to music lessons because they had fun playing on stage. I think that’s fabulous.” Parents enjoy his shows as well. “Sliding in that bit of humour in my songs for the moms and dads gets a chuckle or two,” says Yaki.

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