Second chances

Buying and selling used gives new life to family essentials For generations, money-savvy parents have been outfitting their growing kids and their changing hobbies with gently used items. Buying and selling through thrift stores, garage sales and consignment shops stretches […]

Bella Smith, centre, competes in cheerleading. Photo Credit M. Caron

A worthwhile investment

While some intensive extracurricular activities can be all-consuming, parents are saying it’s worth the time and money Some months, Amanda DeGrace pays more for her three children’s extracurricular activities than for the mortgage on the family’s Ottawa home. Thirteen-year-old Dominic […]

Where there’s a will, there’s a plan

Change your will as your life changes, experts say Making a will is all about the big picture. “It’s about what you want, how you want your estate managed, and how to achieve it,” says Heather Austin-Skaret, a co-managing partner […]

Ava James Sidoli founded Only Takes One. Photo Courtesy Only Takes One

It only takes one

Giving was a part of Ava James Sidoli’s childhood. Now in her last year of high school, the Ottawa teen has led a charge in helping the less fortunate When you get the message at age five that it’s a […]

Learn about the six new CMEY programs offering early support for children with autism in Ontario

  If you are a parent or caregiver of a young child with autism in Ontario, there’s great news: the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) has introduced six groundbreaking caregiver-mediated early years (CMEY) programs designed to provide crucial support for your […]

Original cel from the opening scene of 'The Raccoons' (1985). Photo Courtesy Run With Us Productions

The return of the (prime time) king

Ottawa’s Kevin Gillis’s animated drama series ‘The Raccoons’ explored environmental and climate issues in the ‘80s and ‘90s—and dominated Sunday night television in the process   A popular Canadian animated series enjoyed by kids today—and beloved by their parents and […]

A lifelong affair

Whether they sign up for dance instruction or a lecture series, seniors can benefit from heading back to class You make sure to get your steps in everyday, have a workout buddy and a membership to the gym. But Dr. […]