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55,000 Circulation per issue of Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine

A Sampling of Our Local and International Advertisers’ Feedback:

“Peter! Just to let you know, I just booked a 12 night stay in summer- Lady found us in your magazine, then checked us out on Trip Advisor! Have a great weekend.”

Local Hotel
Lake Placid, NY, USA

“Today my Program Director informed me that we had increased our registration sales the last few days well beyond what we normally would see at this time of the year. As usual my question to him was “why?”. The difference we believe was Ottawa Parenting Times. Your magazine hit the streets via the Ottawa Citizen in the days preceding…”
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Stephen Nason
Dovercourt Recreation Centre, Ottawa


“The cover shot was eye catching and the camp section was extensive.”

Mari-Beth Crysler,
Camp Wabikon, Ottawa

“I think it’s a wonderful magazine. Lots of interesting articles for parents of kids of all ages. Excellent work!”

Calvary Christian Academy, Franktown 

You are doing a good job! The content of your magazine is wonderful and very appealing to moms!

Lyne Proulx
Founder, Ottawa Mommy Club

“I got a lot of great reviews [of the magazine cover] from parents too!

Sharleen McCorrister
The Greenwoods Academy, Kanata

“We really enjoyed the last issue.”

Ciara Cronin
Ottawa Museum Network

[Our ad] looks great – great feedback already!

Kellie Hinnells
GM Ottawa Gymnastics Centre, Ottawa

“You guys are good!!!!”

New Star Children’s Theatre, Ottawa

Comments about Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine from Cobtree Vacation Rentals in Geneva, New York:

“Thank you again for your generous donation.” (Read full letter here)
Early Years Expo