Parent Reader Feedback

“I was really sucked in by the magazine, actually! I started in the kitchen, standing at the counter just flipping through it, and ended up sitting on the sofa and reading it cover to cover.  You’ve got great coverage from a local angle and a good mix of ads and editorial.  I really enjoyed it and put it aside for later reference on some of the summer camps and activities.”

Danielle Donders, Ottawa, Ont.

“Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine is an amazing resource for parents of children of all ages—the best I have seen in Ottawa in my 50 years in education. I wish I had had this resource when raising my three boys. The articles are well-written, informative and stimulating. It covers an extensive variety of areas that are of interest to even me, as a retiree. I look forward to reading it.
Keep up the good work!”

– Elaine Hopkins, Ottawa, Ont.
Retired principal of Bishop Hamilton School and retired executive director of the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools

“Thank you for the wonderful article you wrote on the Crossroads Children’s Centre in the June-July issue of Ottawa Parenting Times. It is well written, accurate and perfectly captures the work we do with families. Thank you again for the great article.”

– Michael Hone, M. Ed., Ottawa
Associate executive director, Crossroads Children’s Centre

“I very much enjoyed reading your magazine. Very informative, interesting, colourful and modern.”

– Vicky M., Ottawa, Ont.

“I was excited to come across your magazine – it’s a great new resource for parents in Ottawa. Your second issue helped us plan a fun March Break and your articles on all-day kindergarten and music classes were particularly relevant to my family, which includes a new JK student and budding musician.”

– Lynn Jatania, Kanata, Ont.

“I really like what I see so far… you’ve done a great job!”

– Anita H., Ottawa, Ont.

“The magazine looks great and your articles are very informative for my family”

– Virginia Pratt, Kanata, Ont.

“I love the magazine! I read it cover to cover and clip many articles and activities for later. It’s a great source of ideas for family fun and local resources.”

– Isabelle R.M., Ottawa, Ont.

“Very good article on SAR Global 1…”

– Chris Godsoe, Ottawa, Ont.

“I like the presentation of the magazine.  I have grandchildren & I find I enjoy reading throughout the articles & activities.”

– Linda, Kanata, Ont.

A message from Mayor Jim Watson (click to open), Ottawa Ontario

– Office of the Mayor, City of Ottawa