Five outdoor fun ideas

The summer’s not over yet! Here are some ways to enjoy the outdoors


After spending so much time cooped up indoors (thanks, COVID-19), it’s no wonder we are reluctant to let go of summer. Fortunately, there’s still time left before fall. Here are a few creative ways to take advantage of the what’s left of the warm weather.

Take a neighbourhood tour. Try rediscovering an area in your city or town and experiencing it with new eyes. Make a scavenger hunt game out of it, getting everyone to try to be the first to spot some graffiti art, a purple car or a special landmark. Whoever wins can get an extra scoop of ice cream when you visit the local parlour at the end of the day.

Check out a drive-in attraction. Who says drive-ins are old school? They’re making a comeback as a safer way to enjoy activities that typically involve crowds in closed spaces. Pack some cozy blankets and your favourite snacks for a budget-friendly family evening.

Camp under the stars near or far. Camping is super popular this summer, but there should still be a few openings left at a national or provincial park that’s a bit further afield or less in demand. Or save yourself the trip and camp out in your own backyard — the kids will have just as much fun and it’ll be less work for parents. Plan fun activities, like camping charades, crafts with nature and glow-in-the-dark bowling.

Enjoy the journey on a road trip. See new places in a safer way with an in-province day trip that’s all about the journey. Schedule stops at outdoor landmarks or attractions and plan to stop at fun local takeout spots that you pick together as a family.

Visit a new community park. Spend an afternoon at a park you don’t normally go to, pointing out any new trees, plants and birds to your kids. You’ll be surprised how exciting a different playground or sport facility can feel. You can even bring activities for the kids and your laptop to get some work done on a weekday afternoon for a break in your usual routine.