Five simple ways to get your kids on your clean team

Photo: News Canada

Photo: News Canada

As summer ends and we prepare ourselves for a return to routine, back-to-school is the perfect time for implementing new organization systems. It’s also the right time to get the kids involved in daily cleaning tasks. In fact, divvying up household responsibilities can help instil a sense of accountability in your child and even bring family members closer together.

Here’s how to get everyone working together to create order and whip your home into tip-top shape:

1. One family. One calendar. Organization experts recommend keeping a large, easy-to-read calendar in a central location of the home. It’s a great place to create a task list and assign each family member their own specific duties. Ensure the whole family references the calendar at the start of each day.

2. Take the bore out of chore with a reward system. Interactive charts are a fantastic way to make daily chores fun. Use stickers or magnets to indicate completed tasks and establish rewards when a child has reached their goals. This can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Think of new incentives every few weeks, such as a trip to park, choosing the restaurant for dinner, or by spending a day with their favourite friend or family member.

3. Invest in kid-friendly cleaning appliances. Keep a cordless vacuum or hand vac in high-traffic zones for kids to easily grab and pitch in when necessary. Experts suggest choosing a light-weight and easy-to-maneuver model like the Hoover Cordless 3.0 vacuum. Having gear that is effortless and fun to operate means less excuse and more use.

4. Make organization personal. Identify the household trouble zones like the front closet, mud room or kitchen. Introduce organizers such as shoe bins, file systems, and hangers to keep things tidy. Hang a rechargeable handheld vacuum for quick cleanup of dirt, spills, and messes. An easy-to-operate model like a Dirt Devil 12-volt Lithium hand vac will encourage frequent use.

5. Practice the 10-minute tidy. Set aside time every day after dinner or before bed to get the family involved in a quick 10-minute tidy. Make it a race or throw on some music and make it fun. A little less clutter will help parents relax at the end of a long day and set the stage for better morning.