From the editor

Editor Tracey Tong and her daughters, Millie, 7, and Ellie, 3. Photo Courtesy Tracey Tong

I’m writing this piece on my older daughter’s lunch break from virtual school.

Some days, it’s one of the few time slots I can work uninterrupted. It’s when Millicent, 7, doesn’t need me nearby to help sort out tech issues, and three-year-old Elliot isn’t glued to my side — she’s got a willing playmate in her big sister. Often, the girls just want to watch Disney+ while they eat, and admittedly, that’s fine with this time-strapped mom. At least the lunches are homemade and somewhat nutritious.

I’m one of those parents who is (perhaps foolishly) trying to have it all. I was career-focused prior to having children, but after husband guy and I decided I should stay home with the kids instead of using external childcare, that itch to keep achieving never went away. I work part time while caring for the littles full time, a decision that has rendered me unavailable to watch television in more than five years.

Although people sometimes tell parents like us that it can’t be done, we’re here to tell you that sometimes, it can — you can have a career you love and be there for your family. In this edition of Parenting Times Magazine, we want to show you that “You can do it!”

This holiday season, you can put a home-cooked meal on the table after a long day of work. Check out “Canadian Comfort Food” in the Healthy Living section, which features recipes from Lisa Nieschleig’s beautifully photographed cookbook, “Taste the Wild.” You can be an artist, even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush. A feature on Carleton Place artist Janet Beath, a.k.a. YouTube’s Paint with Janet, will inspire you to get crafty. You can find a perfect pet for your family. Features writer Angela Counter gets advice from local pros about expanding your family.


You can handle important issues that crop up with your child’s education like a boss. Education writer Sheryl Bennett-Wilson tells you how to find the perfect private school for your student; and how to get your child to do homework without tears (from either of you!). You can make a difference in the lives of others. Kita Szpak interviewed the good folks at Helping with Furniture, an award-winning registered charity that provides gently-used furniture, household goods, refurbished bicycles and laptops to people in need in Ottawa.


But don’t worry, we all have times we just can’t (or almost hurt ourselves trying). That’s where your sense of humour comes in handy. Columnists Chris Hunt, Jon Willing, and Kita Szpak share their highly relatable columns about overcoming various parenting challenges.


Speaking of which, Millie’s break’s over and I have to change my hat now. We’ll chat again soon, but in the meantime, from our publishing family to yours at home, have a safe and happy holiday season.

Best wishes,