From the editor

Editor Tracey Tong and daughters Ellie, 3, and Millie, 8. Photo Courtesy Tracey Tong


One of my favourite things about winter in National Capital Region is the abundance of things to do. Ottawans are a weather-hardy bunch, and a bit of snow doesn’t bother us. It’s rare that events are cancelled due to inclement weather — although turnout may be reduced — and indeed, there are numerous groups and organizations that embrace the cold to host popular activities and events (eg. the plethora of winter races, festivals like Winterlude, and the Rink of Dreams at City Hall). Parents of littles have a smorgasbord of activities from which to choose: skating at a community rink (maintained by wonderful volunteers), snowshoeing or cross-country skiing at a local trail, or building a snowman in the backyard. On days when it’s just too cold, or one gleefully finds that there is no place one is required to be, there’s nothing like the simple joy of hunkering down with an enormous coffee and a book.

In this issue of Parenting Times, we celebrate all things winter that make Ottawa a wonderful place to live.

Whether it’s a moonlight game of shinny or scoring tickets to watch the Sens or 67s, partaking in hockey, whether as a player or spectator, is a rite of passage in Ottawa. In this issue, we meet the people behind the players, namely hockey moms, those resilient, supportive parents profiled in retired CTV reporter Terry Marcotte and Theresa Bailey’s new book. Sheryl Bennett-Wilson gives us the scoop. And speaking of parents, winter can pose an obstacle to fitness for some older adults and seniors. Bennett-Wilson asks the experts for some tips to get our loved ones moving on.

For those who prefer to batten down the hatches, books and art are a great way to pass the time until spring. Kita Szpak talks to an Usborne representative about children’s books and getting our kids to love reading, and we have a story about how art supplies are a gateway for creativity for any age.

One of our favourite parts of this publication are our talented columnists, who we’re delighted to have share aspects of their lives with our readers. Memoirs of a New Dad columnist Chris Hunt regales us with his hilarious and surprising introduction to his favourite hiking spot; while The Happiness Formula’s Kita Szpak eases us into 2023 (!) with some sage advice.

As we move into the new year, we thank you for growing with us, and for your continued readership. May the upcoming 12 months be productive, happy and healthy.

Best wishes,