From the editor

Every issue of Parenting Times Magazine is the result of hundreds of hours of work—finding and assigning stories, interviewing, writing, then fact checking, more fact checking, editing, copy editing, rinse and repeat—a joyful undertaking fuelled by a love for what we do.

Putting together the anniversary issue is no less a production, which involves evaluating every story from past 14 years.

Let me set the scene: I start by flagging “evergreen” stories I think may work for this issue. Five hours and three coffees later, it’s dark out and I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by a mass of dog-eared magazines, absorbed in re-reading some feature from years past.

Another reason why it’s hard to pick out a story lineup is that #parentlife is always changing. Through social media and talking to real parents in the area, we learn about the issues that families are most concerned about and interested in, and adjust our content lineup to reflect it.                                                                 

The city is always changing, too. That’s right, Ottawa—erroneously long dubbed “the town that fun forgot”— is actually chock-full of must-do activities, must-see attractions and key destinations. There’s so much on offer that many of the programs, events and groups we’ve written about, even in the recent past, evolve quickly.

We wanted to explore a ‘fall for Ottawa’ theme and landed on seven features that would help you make the most of the season in our nation’s capital. In “This magic moment,” photographer Darren Brown gives us a crash course in how to take stunning photos of your kids (pumpkin patch, here we come). 

“Frozen hearts,” a feature by Sheryl Bennett-Wilson, celebrates the beginning of hockey season with a tribute to all the parents and guardians who wake up at 4 a.m. (or stay up until 11 p.m.) so that they can shuttle their athletes to practice. 

Angela Counter writes about our city’s growing number of forest schools (which exploded in popularity since the pandemic) and what they offer kids, and we have features on two outdoor activities that are arguably more comfortable in the brisk, crisp fall than the sweltering summer heat—horseback riding and cycling. Both will allow you to take in the beautiful scenery and changing colours that this season has to offer. Kris Kiser, who authored the story about spending 10 minutes outside and how it can change your day, rounds out your options for getting out of doors.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, grab your apron and whip up some prawn skewers, poutine, a wild rice frittata, and a maple cheesecake for dessert, courtesy of cookbook author Lisa Nieschlag, whose original story got thousands of views, likes and shares when it first ran in late 2021.

We hope this issue gave you a chance to catch up on some popular articles you may have missed (we know you’re busy!) over the years. Thanks for picking us up, following us on social, telling us what you love (and don’t like), and most of all, for your trust and friendship.

Best wishes,