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A mother’s love is like nothing else.

(Of course, one could argue the same for a father, or other parent who chooses an alternative label. But stick with me here.)

Justina Tong was the cherished matriarch of our family. She taught us to choose compassion; to work hard; to chase down our dreams; and to be loyal to family.

She passed from cancer in October 2016, and for a long time after, I was lost. The woman who loved me endlessly all my life was gone. I would never know love like that again, I thought.

I was wrong.

It took becoming a mom myself to learn the depth of a mother’s love. It was eye opening; parenting added a new dimension. The love my mom gave during her too-short time here will support and guide me for the rest of my life. I still miss her, but I live each day with the aim of making her proud.

I think that’s how most of us, as sons and daughters, and as parents ourselves, feel. In this Parenting Times, we celebrate just that.

In our mother’s love edition, you’ll find a feature about women who choose to take on parenting alone. Discussing estate planning with our parents or planning for our own passing for the protection of our families isn’t pleasant, but for the sake of making a difficult situation easier (something mothers are very good at doing), it should be a priority on all our to-do lists. Sheryl Bennett-Wilson gives you some food for thought. 

Miss Teenage National Capital Region Selena Vujicic and her mom (and biggest fan) team up to talk about self-confidence, self-love and surviving a pandemic; Kita Szpak writes about a local maternity boutique born out of love. We even have a coffee break for mom packed in here (in the form of two spring-themed crafts to keep the kiddos entertained by Kimberly McLeod), so go ahead, mama—nuke that mug for the fourth time.

Some of my favourite pages of this magazine are the personal columns from our talented writers. Once again, their writing shines: Szpak recalls her own motherhood experience back when her now-grown sons were small, while dad columnists Chris Hunt and Jon Willing share the valuable lessons their mothers taught them.

Whether your mother is here or departed; near or far; a close confidante or a part of your past; blood-related or not; take a moment to celebrate her, and her greatest accomplishment (you) today.

Best wishes,