Healthy after-school habits for kids

Follow these hints to set the tone for a great evening

The new year is a perfect time to reset great habits for kids and families. After all, a predictable routine has been proven to help kids thrive in their environments.

A key part of that routine is good after-school habits. Here are a few quick tips to end the day off right and into a smooth evening.

Healthy hygiene. Washing hands is especially important in the winter months, to ward off germs and keep your household healthy. Make sure this is the first thing your kids do when they get in the house. Those hardworking backpacks need some hygiene as well, so have kids empty their backpacks of leftover lunch, homework papers and all the stuff that lingers at the bottom.

Replenishing your body. Keeping little ones hydrated with water will help them stay alert, giving them a boost when doing their homework. A snack that doesn’t spoil their appetite for dinner is also a key factor for happy kids. Orville Redenbacher microwaveable popcorn is a 100 per cent whole grain, high-fibre snack your kids will love. Plus, most of the product line is now made without any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

R & R. Kids have been busy all day and need some down time. Use this time to ask about their day and all the highlights and challenges they encountered. If you are still at work, give them a quick call before they start winding down to get the latest news and updates.

Lead by example. As a parent, make sure you are modelling healthy behaviour as well. Fuel up, hydrate, relax and engage in fun and productive conversation. Try to avoid checking your phone and flipping on the television the moment you walk in the door. If your kids and family see you are following a great routine, they are much more likely do so as well.