How do you get kinder-ready?

Get kinder ready!


The first day of school for a child starting kindergarten can be a rollercoaster mix of emotions for both the parent and child. We asked parents how they were preparing for this milestone. Here’s what they had to say.

Preparing for school 

“We have been working on… being able to remember to wash hands without being prompted…” 

– Stacy, Mom from Holy Redeemer School

“Keeping with our routine starting to pack lunches making it exciting that they are becoming a big kid.”

-Crystal, Mom from St. Gregory School

“We are trying to get him to be as independent as possible with eating, dressing and using words to express when he needs help.”

– Sandra, Mom from St. Patrick School

“I’m happy and sad; she’s ready and excited, but she’s my youngest, so we have no more littles.”

– MaryAnn, Mom from St. Philip School 

“She’s my second and last… so it’s sad that when she now goes to school in September, I will have no children at home… and I love having them home.”

–Jessica, Mom from St. Catherine School

“I’m working hard to instill a love of learning in her! I’m feeling a mix of sadness that my baby is growing up, and excitement for the new opportunities that kindergarten brings!”

-Jennifer, Mom from St. Dominic School


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My highlight from my daughter’s first day of school was picking her up at the end of the day and seeing how proud she was of herself for being brave in a new place with new people.” 


–Jenna, Mom from St. James School


Wise words

Take the time to remember them at this age, because they grow up so fast! Don’t stress. The kids will figure it out. He’s not the first kid to start school & he won’t be the last so they’ll figure it out together!


We’re here for you and your child

These challenging times certainly add layers to the complex emotions families may be feeling as they prepare to send their little ones off to school for the first time. Regardless of what the school year looks like next year, the Ottawa Catholic School Board is prepared to support your child through this exciting milestone. If your child turns four in 2020, you can register them for school at