Learn about the six new CMEY programs offering early support for children with autism in Ontario


If you are a parent or caregiver of a young child with autism in Ontario, there’s great news: the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) has introduced six groundbreaking caregiver-mediated early years (CMEY) programs designed to provide crucial support for your child’s development from as early as 12 months of age.

Receiving an autism diagnosis for your child can be a daunting experience for parents and caregivers. Understanding the implications and knowing how to best support your child’s growth and progress become essential in this new journey. The OAP has responded with a significant initiative, offering evidence-based caregiver coaching programs that empower families to become the primary catalysts for their children’s progress.

The core focus of the CMEY programs is to enhance caregivers’ capacity to effectively support their child’s skill development. These programs have been thoughtfully designed to promote communication, social interaction, play, self-help, and motor skills. Families residing in Ontario with children between the ages of 12 to 48 months and an OAP number are eligible to participate in these free programs.

At QuickStart Early Years, we take pride in being one of the providers of the CMEY programs, offering the ESI/SCERTS program in both English and French for families in the east region of Ontario. Our dedicated team of professionals focuses on children aged 12 to 36 months, providing personalized support to parents and caregivers in fostering effective communication and bonding with their child during daily routines and social activities.

We understand that each family is unique, and our services are tailored to address your specific needs and priorities. Our collaborative approach is offered in the comfort of your home to ensure that children learn in a familiar and comfortable environment, fostering optimal progress and development. To provide the utmost convenience, our weekly coaching sessions can be conducted either virtually, or a combination of virtual and in-person sessions, accommodating your child’s needs.

All CMEY programs are fully funded by the Ontario Autism Program, meaning that these services are available to you and your child at no cost. The OAP has simplified the process of accessing autism services and supports through AccessOAP, a centralized platform for registration and obtaining your child’s OAP number, making it easier for you to get started.

We invite you to take advantage of these impactful CMEY programs and experience firsthand how QuickStart Early Years’ ESI/SCERTS program (or another CMEY program of your choice) can positively impact your child’s learning and development. Visit quickstartearlyyears.ca to find out more about the CMEY programs and our QuickStart ESI/SCERTS program. Alternatively, contact the QuickStart Early Years team directly via email or phone.

Our passionate and dedicated team at QuickStart Early Years firmly believes that all children deserve the chance for early intervention, and we strive to create a life-changing impact on every child and family we serve by forming a strong partnership with parents and caregivers.