Old objects, new ideas

Embrace the new season with these spring-themed, eco-conscious crafts

By Kimberly McLeod


Editor’s note:

“You can create anything out of anything using your imagination,” writes Kimberly McLeod, the author of Fun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials. “My kids inspired me to take everyday recycled items beyond what I ever thought was possible. In our house, a box has become an airplane, and a piece of cardboard has been transformed into a sword and a shield.”

McLeod shared two spring-themed crafts—which rescues everyday objects destined for the blue and black boxes, and gives them new life—with Parenting Times readers. On ensuing pages, you’ll find Bottle Camp Bees and Rainbow Caterpillars which are some of our favourites from her cool, colourful new book. McLeod advises saving up recyclables and found items so you have lots of materials on hand when inspiration strikes.

One final note: “Don’t be discouraged if your end result doesn’t look like what’s in the book,” writes McLeod. “Every creation is unique, and I hope you enjoy the process of building and creating more than anything.”




The Best Ideas for Kids® recently released a new line of craft kits. Kids can create colourful suncatchers, cute and friendly cactus rocks, handprint keepsakes, 3D-colouring art pages and more. This selection of creative craft kits are as fun to make as they are to play with. Available at Michaels stores and online, the nine kits include the Suncatchers Kit, Paper Roll Bugs Kit, Clothespin Robots Kit, Cactus Rock Painting Kit, Handprint Craft Kit, Handprint Card Kit, Colouring Pages Kit, Colourable Road Map Kit and Aquarium Craft Kit.