Ottawa-based publisher offers educational selection for kids

DC Canada Education brings innovative learning into classrooms, homes


Are your children starting school this year? Would you like to help them be the best they can and enjoy learning? DC Canada Education Publishing is based right here in Ottawa and has a terrific selection of books, games and music that are fun, family-oriented and will help your children learn.

“We started in the publishing business providing ESL textbooks for China,” says Mei Dang, Publisher at DC Canada Education Publishing. “Those were very successful, so we expanded our books to include science, literature and mathematics that can be used in schools and at home.” And yes, they are educational, but the writers, editors, and illustrators have designed books and other learning material that is highly creative and stimulating.

“One of our authors is a doctor of philosophy and the founder of the Canadian Institute of Philosophy for Children,” says Dang. “His ‘Smarti Bear Brain Fitness Kits’ help children learn logic and thinking skills through games and fun activities.” The kits are geared to children aged four to seven years and provide unique ways to practice brain power. “The Smarti Bear kits are a bestseller in France and the games are being sold in Finland as well,” says Dang. Super Hammy is a delightful series of books aimed at pre-kindergarten and kindergarten-aged children. Created by a retired teacher with a passion for reading, Super Hammy consists of easily accessible short stories that children can learn to read by themselves. “These books really help children learn how to read on their own,” says Dang. She says that Super Hammy also shows children how to deal with daily life issues on their level. Another useful book is Three Little Piggy Banks. Dang says that parents will find it an effective way to talk to children about money.

One of Dang’s proudest achievements is The Charter for Children. This brilliant series features charter and history lessons from each province. Titles like An Unusual Thrill on Parliament Hill or Anne of Green Tomatoes are not only approachable and entertaining, they explain to children how the Charter works. Author Dustin Milligan has combined his love of law and literature. And although the series is geared to children, parents might learn something about how the charter works as well. “DC Canada is really proud of The Charter for Children,” says Dang. “We knew we had to get it right, so we took the time to get the ideal illustrators for the look and feel of the series.” The two illustrators are from Ottawa and London, Ontario. “From the positive response we’ve received, I think we got it right.” The Charter for Children books are widely welcomed by children of all ages, teachers, parents, grandparents, and law professionals across Canada. The series is also available in French.

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