Pregnancy skincare tips

as-prenatalIf you’re a mom or mom-to-be, chances are you’ve thought about or experienced stretch marks. As many as 90-per-cent of women may develop stretch marks during pregnancy.

These marks occur when the skin stretches too much or too quickly and may develop during periods of rapid weight gain or loss, such as pregnancy. The most common areas affected include the abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks.

The best defence against stretch marks is to ensure skin maintains maximum elasticity throughout pregnancy. Maintaining a nutritious diet and regular exercise will help ensure overall skin health and improve circulation, making the skin better able to stretch.

Many doctors and pharmacists also suggest using Bio-Oil, a topically applied skincare oil that claims to help improve the appearance of new and existing stretch marks.

Specially formulated to hydrate skin and lock in moisture, Bio-Oil has been used by pregnant women for more than 20 years. Many have said they find it effective for improving skin tone and diminishing the appearance of scars, including caesarean scars.

Parenting expert and TV personality Nanny Robina says many women discover Bio-Oil during pregnancy, as it is often recommended by other moms, midwives and doctors, but continue to use it for everyday skincare needs.

“I always thought of Bio-Oil for stretch marks, but when it was recommended to me for post-surgery scar treatment, I found that it not only helped with scarring, but also to alleviate dryness and itching,” says Robina.

“Its moisturizing properties make it an excellent face and body moisturizer, and great for softening cuticles as well as rough heels and elbows,” she adds.