Pregnancy, the first trimester

By Sandy Pedrogao

Beauty happy pregnant woman

So much change happens during pregnancy, in your body and in your life. Each pregnancy is different and each one can come with very different symptoms.

It can be an emotional time and you may find that your moods may quickly be up and then down just as quick. It’s all perfectly normal.

Here are some things to think about during your first trimester:

Take prenatal vitamins. While most of you are likely already taking them before you became pregnant, it’s important to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow a healthy fetus.

Morning sickness, also known as all the-time-day-or-night sickness. It’s a myth that you will only feel nauseous or vomit in the morning. One way to curb feeling nauseous is to eat many small meals and drink plenty of fluids throughout your day.

If it gets to the point that you can’t keep any food down, speak to your doctor. There are safe medications that can help you.

One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is being tired. Your body is suddenly working overtime to grow your baby. You are producing extra hormones and your blood volume is increasing! This may also be a result of low iron and lack of protein. Make sure you continue to exercise and sleep whenever you can. Once your baby arrives, you’ll be dreaming about all of the sleep you could have had. 

Your breasts may be sore and swollen. This is due to the influx of hormones and the changes happening in your body.
This may be a good time to invest in a soft sleep bra or if you find your breasts have grown, you may need to start shopping for larger size bras.

Stretch marks may be inevitable, thanks to genetics, but they can be prevented or minimized if you keep your skin moisturized during pregnancy.

Moisturized skin will stretch better and while you may not be able to stop stretch marks from happening, you sure can minimize them by taking care of your body’s largest organ. Moisturize everywhere — stretch marks may appear in places you never thought could stretch.

This is the best time to decide on what kind of prenatal care you’d like. Will you choose a midwife or an OB/GYN? The choice is yours.

Do your research, read up on both, ask your friends about their experiences and choose what’s best for you.

Pregnancy comes with many different symptoms. Some women may get all of them and some may not experience any at all. It’s important that you listen to your body.

Eat healthy meals and snacks when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired and always move your body. A walk will do wonders for your mood and for your overall health.

You’ll find that in your second trimester, you will start to feel more like yourself and be able to enjoy the wonder of your pregnancy.

Sandy Pedrogao is the editor and co-founder of Oh Baby! Magazine and She is also the co-producer of The Baby Show, Ottawa’s largest early parenting show. When she’s not running her business and parenting her two children as best she can, she can usually be found enjoying real life or online conversation. 

Photo: © valuavitaly