Read, learn, sing & play

By Lynne Lemieux-Collard, Early Literacy Specialist

Discover, through a child’s perspective, how to support early learning with these four simple, engaging strategies. Practise these routinely, and watch your child blossom.

58_DontLaughAtGiraffe_RebeccaBenderRead with Me! 

The public library welcomes children of all ages. Let’s go and explore our local library branch.

They have story times and so many fun books for me to choose from.

Getting my own library card will make me feel proud and show me responsibility.

For example, we can borrow this book at our local library:

Don’t Laugh at Giraffe by Rebecca Bender.

Learn with Me! 

I don’t need worksheets to learn. I learn by playing and doing.

I need to feel, touch and engage in playing to have the best learning experience.

Sing with Me!      

Music is very important to me. I need to dance, sing and play music to help with my development.

Let’s make some musical instruments together. I can bang on pots, make a guitar from a box of tissues and become a great musician.

Family running outdoors smilingPlay with me!                                                   

I don’t burn off energy, I learn off energy.

When I am running, climbing and jumping, I am learning about my body and self-control.

It also helps me develop my big muscles.