Why summer camp is amazing

Campers reveal, in their own words, what made their experience so fantastic and memorable.


I love camp because it’s a welcoming, calming experience and so fun! – Makela

For my first time at camp this was an amazing experience. – Tye

My camp experience was awesome! – Coleton

These are the words of some of the campers who enjoyed a camp experience in summer 2015 — with financial help from the Kids in Camp charity — at one of 47 accredited Ontario camps.

KIC was founded by a group of camp directors who knew the tremendous benefits youth realize at a good camp.

Since its inception in 2009, the charity has assisted well over 1,000 campers, all with financial needs and some with special needs.

And first and foremost, campers agree that camp is fun!

Much of the fun is related to the activities and the joy, satisfaction and increased confidence that result from learning something new.

I learned how to solo a canoe. – Rory

I learned how to jump into the pool. – Ashton

I got to go on an amazing hike trip in Algonquin Park. Something I learned that I was particularly proud of was First Aid Training. – Aya

I got to learn how to become an expert fisherman for the first time in my life. – Sean

I learned how to go down the zip line, how to rock climb, how to build a rocket, how to kayak and how to horseback ride. – Cassidy

Campers grow and thrive in a safe, secure camp environment.

Camp made me feel comfortable. – Kaitlyn

Camp is like a second home and family. It makes me feel very safe and comforted. – Tayah

I like camp because you get a lot of support and people respect you for who you are. – Angela

Camp was a good experience for me because it helped me break out of my shell and meet new people. – Rianna

At camp, children are active and eat and sleep well. They also appreciate the peaceful, natural settings.

Camp was great for me because it helped me to spend more time outside being active than I usually do. – Steffen

The best thing I liked was the meals and the dress up thing at dinner. – Carmen

The country air is beautiful although sometimes it can get quite hot. – Rosie

Camp was a beautiful place to be.

In the morning the air is fresh and towards the end of the day we have a cool breeze. – Mushkie

The camp setting was light and peaceful. – Alex

A very important role of an understanding counsellor is to help all campers make new friends.

I’m kind of shy but I made new friends. – Mohamed

I made two really good friends and we liked to colour and do crafts together. – Alanna

Me and the girls in my cabin are like sisters and I’ve bonded with other people too. – Leah

Through camp I’ve met some of my closest friends and formed some really strong bonds. – Georgia

At summer camp, the counsellors are fine, young role models whom the campers come to admire, respect and emulate.

My counsellor was chill. – Tyler

My counsellors are really caring and responsible. – Tara

My counsellor braided my hair and would help me with cabin clean up and I loved her singing voice at night. – Jordan D.

My counsellor was very friendly and I knew I could ask him for help with anything. – Steffen

My counsellors are really nice. They always talk to me in a quiet voice and they show me how to make good choices. – Sean

I liked when the counsellors danced with me at dances and when they read me bedtime stories. – Cassidy

Best of all: through playing, working and living together, campers learn important life lessons.

I learned that you need to be confident and never give up. – Jordan R.

I learned that you always have to be nice and share with your cabin mates. – Rosie

During camp I learned how to be a better leader. – Liam

This experience taught me how to work and cooperate with others in a respectful and positive way. – Alex

Although nothing is perfect: The dining hall was loud (Jordan); I didn’t like the zombie game because it was a bit scary (Austin); the mosquitoes were annoying (Alex), what the campers are saying is backed by academic research from the University of Waterloo – at summer camp, young people thrive, grow and develop in many wonderful ways.

For more information about Kids in Camp, visit www.kidsincamp.com.

Catherine Ross is a communications officer with the Canadian Camping Association.

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