Survival guide for first-time parents

Nurse Checking Pregnant Woman's Belly And SmilingHaving a baby is a joyous thing. Yet for couples about to bring home a new baby, seeing nervous parents-to-be walking the corridors of the sometimes chaotic labour and delivery unit can be intimidating.

To help them through the process, expectant parents have labour and delivery registered nurses at their side, every step of the way.
From pre-admission to post-delivery, these skilled and knowledgeable nurses are there to support and care for moms and infants. RNs aim to provide a positive birthing experience by building strong connections with their patients, earning their trust and confidence.

RNs know that babies arrive on their own schedule — just 10 per cent of babies are born on their actual due date. That’s why mothers are closely monitored by specially trained RNs, who develop personalized care plans based on the mother’s medical history and changes in condition.

Prior to labour, as well as during and post-delivery, RNs are there to assist, support, assess and care for moms and the more than 140,000 babies born in Ontario every year.

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