It all adds up

Math tutoring is a wise investment, as it helps develop skills down the line   Ioana Teodorescu started tutoring in math seven years ago. Her start in tutoring was somewhat serendipitous. An architect and a professor in interior design at […]

Planning for private school

Like any investment, private school takes research and financial planning   Sending your child to a private school is an important decision. It’s an investment in your child’s future that might take financial planning, says Turnbull School director Gareth Reid. […]

Bella Smith, centre, competes in cheerleading. Photo Credit M. Caron

A worthwhile investment

While some intensive extracurricular activities can be all-consuming, parents are saying it’s worth the time and money Some months, Amanda DeGrace pays more for her three children’s extracurricular activities than for the mortgage on the family’s Ottawa home. Thirteen-year-old Dominic […]

Miles Willing helps with a post-dinner cleanup. Photo Credit Jon Willing

The allowance debate: Con

“Teaching a child to be a contributing member of the family is more valuable at a young age than offering lessons on financial planning” — Jon Willing I have developed a contractual relationship with my five-year-old son. The terms of […]