Music education has all kinds of benefits for kids.

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Music education teaches stress management, teamwork, enhanced coordination, self-discipline and more, Angela Counter reports     Playing a musical instrument is rewarding, but there’s more to music education than learning to keep a beat. Even if your child isn’t the […]

Lisa Loeb’s journey from ‘90s pop icon to proud mom

Lisa Loeb – the American indie musician known as much for her trademark cat-eye glasses as for her talent as a songwriter and storyteller – embodied the music of the ‘90s. Her platinum hit song Stay (I Missed You), from the 1994 film Reality Bites, became the anthem for a generation of young people trying to figure out what – or who – they wanted out of life. Now, the same Gen-Yers who loved her for the songs Do You Sleep, I Do, and Let’s Forget About It, now grown with children of their own, have the chance to experience Loeb’s music all over again.