Tahlia DeCorso with the Ottawa Children's Choir Viva Choir. Photo Courtesy Ottawa Children's Choir

United in song

For 65 years, the Ottawa Children’s Choir has been training kids to raise their voices If children’s voices, joined harmoniously in song is the most beautiful sound in the world, then St. Joseph’s Church must be one of the most […]

Music education has all kinds of benefits for kids.

Take note

Music education teaches stress management, teamwork, enhanced coordination, self-discipline and more, Angela Counter reports     Playing a musical instrument is rewarding, but there’s more to music education than learning to keep a beat. Even if your child isn’t the […]

Lisa Loeb’s journey from ‘90s pop icon to proud mom

Lisa Loeb – the American indie musician known as much for her trademark cat-eye glasses as for her talent as a songwriter and storyteller – embodied the music of the ‘90s. Her platinum hit song Stay (I Missed You), from the 1994 film Reality Bites, became the anthem for a generation of young people trying to figure out what – or who – they wanted out of life. Now, the same Gen-Yers who loved her for the songs Do You Sleep, I Do, and Let’s Forget About It, now grown with children of their own, have the chance to experience Loeb’s music all over again.