Tall Stories brings ‘exceptional storytelling’ to Ottawa


Emily Brown and The Thing comes to Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe

Is it a bunny? A teddy? A fraying blanket? As Emily Brown discovers in Emily Brown and the Thing –even a Thing can be fearful at bedtime and need a cuddly for comfort.  “I adore this part,” says Sophie Alice, the actor who plays Emily Brown in the play, “it’s just such a delightful story and the theme of general fears at bedtime and how children make excuses is so universal. No wonder it strikes a chord with children and parents.”

The story follows Emily Brown and her best friend and sidekick, Stanley the rabbit, as they attempt to find the Thing’s cuddly. From the Dark and Scary Wood, the Whirling Wastes, to the Whiny Witches cabin – with fun and laughter and a few mildly scary bits, they finally find the Thing’s cuddly. “There is so much movement and colour in this production,” says Alice, “and the stage transformation is amazing – it really brings it to life for the audience.”

Alice says that children love the puppets in the show and the original music. Parents enjoy how relatable it is for children who don’t want to go to sleep. “This really is a fantastic family show,” says Alice. “And the message for girls about being courageous and strong is important.” That message, she believes, is important for everyone. “It really is a message of friendship and adventure and to be brave and not scared about going to sleep.” And the best way to get to sleep is to think of nice things. “Emily totally gets it about the Thing having lost his cuddly,” says Alice. “She knows that she’d be devastated if she lost her best friend, Stanley.” Alice will be bringing along her pal, Milky Moo Cow. He’ll be waiting in her dressing room for her after the performance.

Emily Brown and the Thing is put on by Tall Stories. The company is internationally recognized for its exceptional children’s storytelling. Emily Brown has two shows on Saturday, February 16. And don’t forget Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure on Thursday, March 28. This amazing show lets you explore the ocean depths with prehistoric marine reptiles. Put the shows together for a tremendous holiday gift. Tickets for both these shows will go quickly. Get your tickets at www.meridiancentrepointe.ca.