Teething with style

Toronto company’s new silicone jewellery offers simple, attractive solution for parents and babies 

Teething has just become stylish.

Toronto company Teethease has developed a line of wearable, chewable teething rings: wearable for parents, chewable for babies.

Teethease offers practical accessories for new moms and caregivers in a range of bright, fresh colours. Babies can soothe their aching gums by gnawing on soft, flexible silicone doughnuts, bangles or “rocks.”  Fun and functional, they offer parents on the go a simple alternative to rooting though a
diaper bag.

The collection is dishwasher-safe and simple to clean with soap and water. It’s made of FDA-approved, medical grade silicone, is BPA-and PVC-free, contains no latex, heavy metals or phthalates and meet the highest international safety standards, according to the company.

“Teethease provides an effective way for infants to teethe safely, and offers a fun alternative to a soother or a plastic teething toy that often falls to the bottom of a diaper bag,” says owner Lindsey Sardi-Dubuc. “With the highest safety ratings, parents can rest assured that their children are not exposed to harmful chemicals.”

The collection includes four signature styles of teethers for parents to sport:

Original Teethease Pendant Necklace ($16.95) – The Original Pendant Necklace, which launched the collection, features a classic design with pendants hung from a cotton cord including a breakaway clasp for added safety.

Babies can soothe emerging teeth with the soft flexible doughnuts or play with it during breastfeeding, keeping their hands from tugging elsewhere. Wear it from day to night in six colours: black, turquoise, pearl, red marble, lavender and wood.

Original Teethease Bangles ($9.95) – The continuous loop of the Original Teethease Bangles is perfect for older teethers; they can hold them in their hands or the bangles can be attached to a toy strap. Colours match the Original Pendant Necklace and the bangles are simple to throw on during a morning routine or while running out the door.

Teethease Pendant Necklace 2.0 ($19.95) – Based on the Pendant style, the Pendant 2.0 Necklaces are available in the same stylish colours as the original, with pink and grey marble. They hang from a co-ordinating coloured ribbon and feature a breakaway safety clasp.

Rock•ease Necklace ($34.95) – The newest addition to the Teethease collection, Rock•ease emulates modern jewellery fashions with uniquely shaped “rocks.”

The Rock•ease necklace is safe for chewing and teething, while the various shapes and textures create a fantastic distraction for babies while breastfeeding. It’s available in grey marble, sandstone and turquoise.

But parents, take caution: these teethers are not toys and no child should be left unattended with the jewellery.


Teethease is available online at MyTeethease.com and at select Canadian retailers.