The perfect coffee for every situation


Coffee is part of many parents’ everyday routine. In fact, according to the Coffee Association of Canada, it is our country’s most popular beverage (after tap water) with 65 per cent of Canadians consuming it every day.

Furthermore, there is another reason for drinking coffee: it is one of the most significant sources of antioxidants in the Canadian diet. For many of us, there is nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the day, to complement a family brunch or head out on the road.

Many parents enjoy regular coffee. But coffee routines have evolved considerably and now have so much more to offer.

Over the past few years, the varieties of coffee available have literally exploded. People are personalizing their coffee to suit their taste and indulging in a coffee treat on special occasions.

With all the brands and blends out there, you can’t blame coffee drinkers for wanting to add a twist to their regular routine. As many have discovered, specialty coffees can be a great little treat once in a while – a coffee trend report from

CAC says 35 per cent of Canadians admit consuming at least one specialty coffee per week.

Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, here are four coffees you can try for indulging yourself during those fun summer moments:

  • Not enough sleep last night? You had so much fun last night that you forget you were working the next morning? It’s time to jump in the car for your morning commute, but just before you do so, swap your regular coffee and make it special. A cappuccino is sure to help you wake up and get you enjoying the day.
  • You impressed your guests with a triumph on the grill. What next? How about a vanilla latte, a rich coffee with a hint of vanilla that tastes as good as it smells. You’ll be sure to impress your guests until the last drop.
  • Who doesn’t crave chocolate or a sweet snack from time to time? Treat yourself with a caramel macchiato instead. A delicious mix of coffee with a buttery caramel taste. What could beat that?
  • Saturday night campfire: the kids are enjoying hot chocolate and S’mores? Adults can indulge themselves too. Complete your treat with a mochaccino. Coffee and chocolate, mixed together, make for a great beverage to enjoy around the crackling fire. article-end-jj15-30px

Photo: © duskbabe