‘To me, this is the ultimate life’


Ottawa entrepreneur and proud father Preston Martelly thrives on navigating a demanding career while making plenty of time for his family.

Preston Martelly can’t remember a time when he didn’t have an entrepreneurial spirit. The married father of four children aged seven and under thrives on the ability to forge his own career path.

Martelly, 35, is the owner of Ottawa Mobile Apps (www. ottawamobileapps.com). He recently launched the Kanata North app, designed to help the community stay in touch. For example, if there is an emergency in the area, the councillor can send an urgent message that will reach all users.

“People are realizing that mobile apps are not as cost prohibitive as they once were,” he says.

Martelly says restaurants, churches, communities, nonprofits, schools, and daycares are just a few organizations that could benefit from creating their own mobile app.

He also says he enjoys working closely with clients to simplify complex ideas and ensure they receive the right solution for their needs.

Though becoming an entrepreneur may not be for everyone, “to me, this is the ultimate life,” says Martelly.

The main appeal of working for himself is the flexibility and freedom it offers.

Not only can he plan his work hours around the schedule of his children and their activities, which this devoted dad doesn’t want to miss, but he can also take his work anywhere – to favourite coffee shops, or even a park if the weather is nice.

But it takes strong support at home to make it all work.

“A supportive partner that has faith in you and sees your vision is critical,” he says.

And as much as he loves the work he does, Martelly’s family remains his top priority. He goes “off duty” for at least a few hours between the end of school and bedtime to ensure he spends quality time with his wife and kids.

He says disconnecting is vital to maintain a work-life balance, since it ensures actual off-hours, emphasizing that business owners who work 24/7 are at risk of personal and professional burnout.

“If someone close to you is asking you to disconnect – you should.”

 smart-phone-jj15He says self-care is necessary to recharge for maximum productivity. Entrepreneurs should ensure they are getting enough rest, exercise and downtime to pursue other activities or creative interests. For Martelly, that means playing in a band.

And Martelly advises other dads interested in taking the entrepreneurial road to sit down and write out a detailed plan that takes into consideration the various needs of the family, their personality type, as well as what their end goal would look like.

“You have to be able to see beyond any obstacles … put your mind to it and follow through.”

Though he is quick to add, “If something isn’t working…try something different. It’s not failure. It’s just a different move.”

And Martelly’s end goal? To be a key mobile player in Ottawa, while ensuring that he never misses a precious family moment. article-end-jj15-30px

Photo: depositphotos.com © Rangizzz