Top five reasons to vaccinate your child

Making informed decisions about vaccinations can help your child – and those around you

Becoming a parent brings happiness and excitement, but also periods of doubt and worry. We all want what’s best for our children and to make the best decisions possible. If you’re wondering if you should get your child vaccinated, inform yourself using reputable sources and learn more about why vaccines are important.

  1. Vaccines teach the immune system an important lesson. Vaccines allow your child to develop defense mechanisms against diseases by building antibodies and immune memory. It prepares their immune system to recognize and fight disease if they get infected with the real disease.
  2. Vaccines are safer than the disease. Vaccines don’t cause the disease, but rather help to prevent it. Your child’s natural immune system has no problem handling the weak or dead germs in a vaccine. In fact, your child will face more germs at the local playground!
  3. Vaccines have proven their effectiveness throughout history. Small pox was the first disease to disappear in the entire world due to vaccination. Polio has been eliminated from most countries, including Canada, thanks to vaccines. However, dangerous diseases, which are a plane ride away, can reappear if our children are not vaccinated against them.
  4. Vaccines are safe. All vaccines go through years of research, followed by testing and retesting before they can be used in Canada. Even after the vaccine is in use, its safety and effectiveness continue to be checked and rechecked by scientists who review it; healthcare providers who give it; and public health teams who monitor it.
  5. Vaccines protect everyone. By vaccinating your child, you are also protecting those who are too young to be protected, have medical conditions that prevent them from doing so, or have weakened immune systems from cancer treatment, aging and other conditions.

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