Top tips for family television viewing


A leading parenting expert is encouraging parents to engage more proactively with their kids when watching television, suggesting turning TV time into family time will help kids get more out of their viewing experience.

“The way we watch TV is changing,” said parenting expert and author Kathy Buckworth. “Having access to a wide range of educational and entertainment-focused programming is incredibly important, as well as being able to easily access content on TV and other portable devices.”

With more children’s programming available than ever before, Buckworth advises parents on the top tips for television viewing:

1) Be proactive and get to know kids’ TV programming. Get to know what shows are available by proactively engaging with the shows your kids like to watch and making recommendations on other shows you think they might be interested in.

2) Watch with your kids when you can. Make
television time a family activity by watching with your kids when you can. This allows you to learn about the
shows your kids like and lets you talk as a family about them.

3) Manage viewing schedule. Every family is different, but as a general rule try to not schedule television viewing at mealtimes, in bed or while doing homework. Parents can also set timers on TV to limit viewing. To avoid objections make sure you suggest alternative activities for your kids when TV time is over.


Photo: © Wavebreakmedia