Unleash your inner goddess

Whatever shape or size, most moms feel insecure about some aspect of their body.  “Muffin top,” “thunder thighs,” “back blubber” — we’ve all heard the ridiculous names we give our supposed physical deficiencies. Sometimes we let these perceived inadequacies get the better of us and our self-esteem takes a beating, particularly in social situations.

Oh, how we obsess about our physical appearance and what other people might think about us. We’re convinced that everyone is checking out our tummy, our butt, our [insert the body part you dislike the most here].

Though we all know we shouldn’t be obsessing about these physical imperfections that we’ve attributed too much importance to – we still do it.  So what can we do to feel more comfortable in our skin?


Body shapers can provide that little boost of confidence to feel better about our appearance, be more comfortable, feel more confident and look our best.

Modern-day fabrics, clothing design and technology have introduced some incredible undergarments that smooth out lumps and bumps — real or imagined.  And unlike the corsets of days gone by, these new-age body shapers are comfortable, form fitting and move with you.

If we’re not worrying about our lumps and bumps, we can stop wasting energy on how we look and dazzle everyone with our wit, charm and incredible smarts; all the things we know really matter more than our appearance.

Not all body shapers are created equal, however. Some make you feel like you’re suffocating, some don’t hold their shape and others make you feel like you can’t bend or breathe.  Because we all deserve to feel beautiful, here are two tried and true unsung heroes in our fight against self-loathing:

Spanx is the company that revolutionized body shapers. They have every imaginable undergarment to tame the bulge, trim the physique and create a sleeker shape. Available at www.spanx.com (taxes, duty and shipping apply) or select items can be found at The Bay and other local retailers.

Nearly Nude is available from on-line Canadian retailer Gone Shopping (www.goneshopping.ca).  Known for holding their shape and moving with you, Nearly Nude provides modest body shaping while being comfortable enough to wear every day.

NOTE: When putting on a body shaper, be sure to step into it, even if it’s a tank top.  Trying to pull it over your head is like getting tangled up in a straitjacket. Unless you have a wicked sense of humour, nothing is more humiliating than having to ask your significant other for help escaping from your supposedly secret undergarments!


A surefire way to make you instantly feel prettier is to wear beautiful, properly fitted bra and panties. Don’t underestimate the power of wearing a perfectly-sized bra. It changes your appearance instantly!

Consult an expert at one of the many fine lingerie stores throughout the city. Try Brachic, Lilac Lingerie, Marianne’s Mastectomy and Lingerie Boutique or Brio to get you on your way to feeling your most beautiful!

While you’re there, you might want to try more than a new bra and panty set. A pretty piece of lingerie that conceals the body parts that make you most self-conscious can boost your self-confidence in the bedroom. Don’t feel that you have to get something wild or leopard print.  There are many elegant and modest pieces. But go racier if you feel you can rock it!


Never read erotic romance?  Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James has been on best-seller lists for well, forever now.  If you ask around, many of your friends have probably read the trilogy or plan to read it.

It’s not being praised for E L James’ writing talents.  It certainly gets repetitive (especially in the vocabulary used) but it does provide an escape into a world different from the one most of us mortals live each day.  I dare you not to feel just a little bit wanton after devouring the pages.


Boudoir photography is becoming a lot more mainstream, with many photographers dabbling in the art. A boudoir photography session is a surprising way to boost your self-confidence.  We all have a bit of glam in us, and it can really be an eye opener.

Though at first you might think you are doing it for your significant other, you will soon realize that this is a really a gift for yourself, because you will realize that you are truly beautiful and sexy.

Be sure to research the photographer and look at some of their work before deciding who you will work with. Book an appointment with someone passionate about boudoir and who has a great reputation. You definitely want to feel comfortable with the photographer, because it will come through in your photos.

Bri at Voulez-Vous Boudoir has an inviting studio, set up with everything you’ll need to look absolutely gorgeous. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and Bri knows how to bring out that beauty. Take a look at the breathtaking “before and after” photos at www.voulezvousboudoir.ca.

As moms, we can’t hide our body image issues from our children. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to conquer our demons, stand in our power and accept our bodies (imperfections and all) as truly and uniquely beautiful.

Photo #1: Gone Shopping Nearly Nude Body Shapers
Photo #2: © Voulez-Vous Boudoir Photography Inc.