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Jeannie Temple. Photo Courtesy Jeannie Temple


Earlier this year, Christine was in a bad place in her relationship.

“Life with my ex-partner was horrible,” says the Ottawa mother of one, whose name Parenting Times changed to protect the privacy of all parties involved. “I got called so many names I started to believe them,” she says. “I felt isolated. Walking on egg shells. I didn’t understand why I was treated so horribly/differently than the other relationships I saw.” 

Christine learned about Jeannie Temple’s services through Facebook. Temple, the owner of a local moving company, will move anyone leaving an unfavourable living situation free of charge.

One night in early October, Christine contacted Temple. “I messaged Jeannie and she came right away,” says Christine. “I took my son and a couple (of) belongings and I left. I left everything and started a new life.

“She did move me free of charge. I couldn’t believe it.”

Temple, 37, is the sole proprietor of a company known simply as 5003316 ONT LTD., because she could not afford to name it at the time. She hopes to give it an official name in the next few years.

She purchased her truck – which does have her name printed all over it – in March 2017. Relying on a long list of subcontractors, including two full-time movers, Temple started off with a large commercial contract, and, after COVID-19 hit, moved from commercial to mostly residential moves.

Temple fell in love with the transportation industry early in life. She started as a bike messenger at 17, and has worked as a car driver, a customer sales rep, warehouse worker, warehouse supervisor and as a truck driver before becoming an owner-operator.

Although she’s had stints as a certified dog trainer and instructor, she always came back to delivering. It’s “what I’ve always done best,” says Temple. She hasn’t looked back since.

Recently, a Facebook post on Temple’s business went viral, after the word spread that she provides what she calls “free emergency crisis moves.”

“This means, if you’ve been assaulted and police recommend you leave – call me,” she says. “I will immediately come out and provided everyone is safe, I will remove essential items only – bed, clothes, pets, kids, toiletries…etc.,” she says. She does not move larger or bigger ticket items that often need to be settled in court.

If it’s anyone who understands the need for this service, it’s Temple.

“As a former drug addict and homeless person, I have seen and heard many stories,” she says. “I would not be where I am without the help of many friends, family and even strangers. I’m only trying to give back where I can make a difference.”

And what a difference this woman and her truck have made.

In the last two-and-a-half years that Temple has owned her truck, she’s not only moved people from bad situations; she’s brought pallets of sand bags to flood victims; pet food donations to rescues; and distributed donations to those in need during the pandemic.  “Life is all about helping others,” she says. “I would hope no one ever needs my free offer, but it is there should it be needed,” she says. “It just needs to be told as many are unaware that people, not just me, will drop everything to help another. Especially if children are involved!”

She has a soft spot for children too. Pregnant at 14, she put a child up for adoption, and in 2004, lost a child in her 36th week of pregnancy due to hydrocephalus. “I miss them both terribly,” she says. “Maybe someday I would be able to find my son or adopt a child in need.”

In the meantime, she finds joy in others’ children. “My favorite part of any day is seeing the kids’ faces light up when my big truck goes down their street,” she says. “I get super excited when kids do the ‘blow horn gesture’ – not enough people do this anymore and it makes all truck drivers sad,” she says.

And if it’s one person you don’t want to make sad, it’s the woman who changes lives drastically for the better.

Happy in her new home, Christine says she keeps in touch with Temple. “I am so thankful for her, words can’t even describe it.

“I would recommend her services to any man or woman going through any type of abuse and needs to escape a fast and safe way. I knew no one who could save me from this life/situation,” she says. “I feel she saved me and my sons’ life. My life now feels different, and for the better… We feel so blessed and safe.” 




“I love showing up at a home or business with a 1000-pound pallet and they look at me like, ‘great, they sent a girl for this nasty thing’ – yet I get it offloaded and where they want it quicker than the delivery guy before me. I enjoy the workout of going up and down stairs all day.”

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