‘What’s better than spending an hour giggling with your child?’

UK-based Tall Stories Theatre Company brings Room on the Broom, an ‘intelligent, fun’ production aimed at children and parents, to Centrepointe Theatres this March.


Director Olivia Jacobs believes everyone is a child at heart. When she and Toby Mitchell co-founded Tall Stories Theatre Company in 1997, they planned for two productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“We formed the company to tell good stories,” says Jacobs. “Our first productions were inventive, with fun child-friendly visuals and most importantly, good stories.”

After the festival, they were both gob smacked by the reviews. “Toby and I were stunned,” she says. “The reviews were spectacular. We realized that we’d found a niche in family theatre, so we carried on.”

Now, almost 20 years later, Tall Stories Theatre Company is not only a registered charity in the United Kingdom, it travels worldwide with its productions.

Its latest, Room on the Broom, is touring throughout Asia, Canada and the U.S., with two performances at Centrepointe Theatres on Sunday, March 20, at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

“This is a really enjoyable production for both children and parents,” says Jacobs.

“It really fits with our philosophy of high production values, an intelligent and fun story, and it’s beautiful to watch.”

The touring company for Room on the Broom is small – only four actors and a stage manager. That means the actors perform multiple roles. “It gets pretty crowded on that stage,” laughs Jacobs.

“You’ve got four actors performing as a dog, a bird, a frog, a witch, a cat and a hungry dragon. They’re having a great deal of fun and they make it look easy.”

For Jacobs, satisfaction comes from knowing children and parents enjoyed the show. “I remember overhearing one dad say he’d really enjoyed the performance. That made my day.”

Jacobs also says it’s important for parents and kids to see good productions and participate together. “These stories work on so many levels,” she says.

“A lot of parents get to be kids at heart for a little while. And what’s better than spending an hour giggling with your child?”

Tall Stories’ Room on the Broom takes the stage on Sunday, March 20 at Centrepointe Theatres. Visit www.centrepointetheatres.com for ticket information or call the box office: 613-580-2700.