20 wacky ways to tell your teen you love him


Even though they won’t tell you so, teenagers still want to know they are loved. Most parents will do that in the traditional ways: saying “I love you” when they leave for a trip, before hanging up on the phone or on special occasions.

Consider changing things up a little and letting your teen know of your love in a more unusual fashion. Here are some ideas straight from the mouths of teens.

Create a cheer and a routine and perform it for your teen when he comes home from school, camp or a trip.

Write a speech about how you feel about your teen. You can give your speech at the dinner table or a family gathering. Chances are the embarrassment won’t be nearly as great as the unspoken appreciation.

Make a video. You can get really creative here with a story line and fancy graphics, or just your face telling your kid how much you care.

For those who are up on technology and music, try remixing a song that adds in your words of love. The cornier the better. Just make sure you have a rockin’ beat!

Some teens might still bring lunch to school. If that’s the case with your kid, why not stick a note in there … make sure it’s sweet enough to put a smile on his face!

It seems that just about every teen on the planet loves to text. Take advantage of the situation and “blow up the phone,” which means send several text messages within a relatively short period of time.

Parents who are musically gifted can write a song for their teen, and if you can find a venue to have it played, so much the better. Of course, even if you just play it at home, the message will be clear.

Everyone still loves getting something in the mail that doesn’t need to be paid by a certain date. There are humorous cards available that you can send to your kid. You can also just tuck it somewhere unexpectedly where she will see it.

You can now purchase cards that allow you to record a message to the recipient. Think up a funny message, record it and give it to your kid.

Artistic parents can put together a collage to show their love for the special teen in their lives. Let your imagination run wild with your creation. Use pictures of your teen’s favourite foods, cars, places, whatever.

If a collage doesn’t work for you, try a painting that reflects your feelings. If nothing else, it’s sure to become a treasured keepsake.

Many of the radio stations give “shout outs” to friends and family of listeners. Find out if your teen’s favourite station offers this and if it does, give your kid a shout out.

Bake a cake, or buy one if you’re not handy in the kitchen, and decorate it with words of love and encouragement. Extra points for springing a surprise cake on your teen when there’s no special occasion on the horizon.

Create a power point slide show and email it to your kid. If nothing else, he might be amazed at your technical abilities!

Letting your teenager know how much you love him may embarrass him a little. But if you are fortunate, your teen will realize how lucky he is and that your special attention is something most kids wish their parents would give them.


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