Best Covid-19 educational resources for kids

The web is full of free online resources to help you through this unusual time.

Editor’s note: This is a part of Parenting Times’ online-only series of stories designed to make your Covid-19 distancing journey a bit easier. 

More than two months into our physical distancing journey, many parents have a routine with their kids down – or at least the good website resources memorized. We spoke with some of the parents we know about online resources to keep the littles (and not-so-littles) busy, and a few websites came up over and over. Here are some of the terrific resources we’ve found:  


Physical education

Starr Gymnastics

The staff at Ottawa’s own Starr Gymnastics do a half-hour class every non-holiday weekday morning during the Covid-19 related shutdown. Kids only need a yoga mat.


Cosmic Kids Yoga

Jamie from Cosmic Kids Yoga is full of energy, and makes yoga accessible and relatable for kids. Enter your kids’ current obsession (we like dinosaurs at our house) into the search bar, and there’s likely a yoga routine for you.



Paint with Janet

There are tons of online painting classes, but a local one that really stands out is Carleton Place’s Janet Beath, a.k.a. Paint with Janet, who has been doing free painting lessons on Facebook online since the start of the physical distancing measures in Canada. Learn to paint everything from a beach scene to cute pet silhouettes. Missed her classes? No worries – they permanently live on her Facebook page so you can paint along with this local guru anytime the fancy strikes.



Thames and Komos

This website features tons of free video instructions for science experiments you can do at home.



Mabel’s Labels

Here’s a list of printables for every area of your life.



Everyone’s favourite book club is also a goldmine for things for kids to do.



Knee Bouncers

This site’s library of toddler games and videos are available free of charge – and ad-free! – during the pandemic.


For the adults

Harvard University

Maybe you have a thirst for learning, want to take advantage of your time at home, or just want to do something different once the kids have gone to bed. Get a taste of a Harvard education – for free! Check out the wide selection of free courses that this institution is offering.


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