The gift of creativity

During the holiday season, parents and caregivers — and anyone with children in their lives — will be looking for gift-giving ideas. Although gifting has long been trending towards the experience-based, many kids and traditionalists (hello, Grandpa and Grandma) alike still prefer to receive and give something tangible. Fortunately, there are presents that tick both boxes.


Toys and tools that encourage creativity were a lifesaver during the pandemic and its lockdowns and Crayola has them in abundance year-round. By giving open-ended items like crafting supplies, caregivers can provide children with tools to reach their potential and tap into their inner artists.

Color Wonder Mess-Free products take the mess out of creative fun. Photo Courtesy Crayola

“Giving the gift of creativity, for any occasion, gives kids the ability to be free to express what they are thinking,” says Crayola’s director of product, marketing and communications Margot Somerville. “Creativity unleashes, nurtures and celebrates the originality in every child.”


When one thinks of creative supplies, Crayola’s classic line of crayons, coloured pencils, and markers come to mind. But according to Somerville, creative tools can be anything that inspires limitless imagination. “Whether it’s providing tools to colour, tools to build with, tools to create a story, creative play keeps kids curious and expressive,” she says. “From crayons to STEAM Color Chemistry Kits to adorable Scribble Scrubbie Pets, Crayola creative products transform original thoughts into visible form.”

Products like Scribble Scrubbie Pets are an alternative gift to the traditional crayon and marker sets. Photo Courtesy Crayola


Parents can begin nurturing creativity in their children from a very early age. In fact, “encouraging creativity and self-expression through art is one of the best things a parent can do for their little ones,” Somerville says. “At Crayola, we have Palm Grasp Washable crayons for toddlers, where the rounded shape of the egg-shaped crayon is designed to fit the natural grasp of a small hand. Washable Kids Spill-Proof Paint — it’s semi-solid and won’t drip or spill — is a less messy paint solution that provides toddlers with a hands-on, creative experience that helps develop their imagination, fine motor skills and self-expression.”


For those occasions that call for strictly no mess — “creative expression can often be messy, especially for younger kids,” says Somerville — she suggests the Color Wonder line. “These brilliant tools are the perfect solution for mess-free colour fun,” she says. “The specially designed markers and paints are clear unless applied to the matching Color Wonder paper. No-mess colouring means no marks on walls, furniture or any other surface. Kids get to have fun while parents get to feel no stress.”


Beyond the baby years, Crayola crayons are a must-have art staple for kids of all ages, says Somerville. Pack sizes range from the classic 24-count to the 96-count pack. “Kids can draw and colour anytime and anywhere,” she says. The most recent addition to the crayon line is the Colors of Kindness crayons pack.  “Kids can spread the love with this special edition pack of crayons, where words of kindness are printed on each crayon,” says Somerville. “A thoughtful gift idea for kids and adults, these crayons encourage everyone to create with love.”

This holiday season, give the gift of creative tools. Photo Courtesy Crayola


Another classic is the Crayola Coloured Pencils, which Somerville says offers a diverse selection from washable formulas for younger artists — the Silly Scent Twistable Coloured Pencil combines fragrant scents with bold colour that pops on the page, Somerville says — to premium-coloured pencils for teens and adults.


With high-quality, vibrant ink, Crayola markers are made to encourage imaginative expression. While washable markers for youngsters make cleanup easier, newer releases, like Crayola Colours of the World, offer 24 specially formulated colours representing people of the world. “These skin tone markers are an exciting addition to any collection, making colouring and drawing even more detailed and realistic,” Somerville says. Crayola Neon Light Effect Markers help creators make art that is vibrant and bright; Crayola Project Erasable Poster Markers make cheerful stocking stuffers for students and office workers alike, erasing thoroughly from most poster boards and heavy card stock. “Colouring for teens and adults has never been more fun and vibrant,” Somerville says.


When gift shopping this holiday season, give a gift that offers open-ended fun, and that carries a world of possibility — and not just for kids. “We know that teens and adults also need to recharge their imagination,” says Somerville. Creative tools, she adds, “can be used by people of all ages.”